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Watch this video and more on Swan by Carolina

Watch this video and more on Swan by Carolina

Tone 114 - Floor Progression, No cueing.

Archived Most Popular Tones • 29m

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  • Tone 119 - Advanced assigned routine ...

    You will need 3 lbs hand weights or less/ 1.5 lbs ankle weights only, at least until you practice it a few times. Only after that, you may add the 3 lbs ankle weights for the last part if it feels ok for you. Second part has a lot of flow to it and the heavy weights might feel too heavy.


  • Tone 100 - Full Body routine assigned...

    Hand weights: 3lb each or lower
    Ankle weights: 1.3 lb each and 3 lb each for last part of the class (Always optional)

  • Tone 97 (early drop)- Routine asigned...

    I use 3lb hand weights (around 1.5kilo). 1.5 lb ankle weights each and then 3 lb ankle weights for the latest part of the class. (always optional)
    I am using two blocks to assist in movement and help with range of motion. You may very well do it with NO blocks too. But I encourage you ...