Flows - Gentle movement

Flows - Gentle movement

Enjoy these flows when you need a break or on rest days. 15 to 25 min fows, combining pilates and yoga, that will detoxify your body & mind. Moving to the beat and seamlessly from one move to the other. Please note I barely TALK during these sessions. Do not expect instructions. Flows are a dance on the mat, meant to silence the mind & detox the body. Practice it once and you will flow with it the next time you try.

Flows - Gentle movement
  • Progression Tone 117 (no cueing) in 30min

    Move with me on the go- You will need 3 lbs hand weights and 1.5 ankle weights

  • Flow with nature sounds(no cueing)

    No equipment. No cueing. Birds chirping are REAL.
    I do 4 reps of each sequence. Hang in there to feel the flow. You may do it twice.


    With love,

  • Gentle Mobility Flow

    No equipment, just a mat.

  • Flow 20

    Very little cueing. We move, we flow, following the music. Practice more than once to flow with it. Do it anytime.
    With love,

  • Flow 19 25/09/22 (for more advanced movers since it has no cues)

    No equipment. No cues. Repeat several times if necessary. Try moving with your eyes closed once you feel the flow.

  • Yoga Flow (20min) / 2022

  • FLOW 18. 7/07/22

    No equipment needed. Detox your mind and free your body. Enjoy this session, tuning with the music, working on mobility and focusing on breath ❤️

  • NEW Flow 17 25/05/22

    No equipment needed. Grab a mat and be ready to close your eyes, breath and let go. Practice a few times until you feel the flow with me. X

  • Yoga Flow Session with Classical Music- 13/04/22

    No equipment needed. This is a relaxing but energizing session, following your breath, moving to your pace. Lengthening and strengthening. I hope you love it. XX

  • Morning Yoga Flow 09/04/22

  • Flow 16

    No equipment required. Enjoy this gentle flow.

  • Flow 15

    No equipment. Need a break from life and it’s stress? Meditate in movement with me 🤍

  • Flow 14

    This intermediate/advanced flow will reset your mind and body. Silence your mind, close your eyes and let go.
    The prone moves are great to stretch all our frontal body and strengthen our backs. If you need to do less reps, do so.


  • Flow 13 -10/11/21 ) edited- no mic issues

    Silence your mind and flow with the beats.
    ( this flow has been edited to the previous one I posted, I forgot to edit the previous one and it had some mic interferences, so I apologize for that🧡

  • Flow 12

    Flows are made for people who do not need me to cue regularly. I speak less ON PURPOSE, it's a way for you to learn how to tune in with your body, the music and your breath. Disconnect to connect later on in a more balanced way. Turn off your phone and enjoy this 20 min flow. ( I am sorry the qu...

  • Flow 11 16/09/21

    Full body session, turn off your phone, close your eyes and enjoy the flow. This flow will wake up all your muscles, while strengthening and elongating every single one of them. No equipment needed.

  • Ballet Fusion Flow 17.

    Equipment: A bar or a chair. This is a FLOW, so close your eyes, enjoy and feel the movement. I am sorry for the last 5 minutes, the mic battery went off and you will not hear me as close. But, you will be fine. With love, Carolina.

  • Flow 10 - 04/08/21

    Flows are a dance on the mat, meant to silence the mind & detox the body. Practice it once and you will flow with it the next time you try.

  • Flow 8 -

    This flow is meant to quiet your mind. It is meditation in movement. Move with me to the beat and connect to your breathing.

  • Flow 4 21/04/21

    Allow yourself this time to engage in movement, connecting to your body, moving to the beat. This is a great session to relax your mind while strengthening your body.