ARCHIVED -Popular Gems

ARCHIVED -Popular Gems

ARCHIVED -Popular Gems
  • Tone 100 - Full Body routine assigned for week 26/12/22

    Hand weights: 3lb each or lower
    Ankle weights: 1.3 lb each and 3 lb each for last part of the class (Always optional)

  • Tone Light 84- 35min

    3lb hand weights / 1.5lb ankle weights

  • Tone 80 8/8/22

    Use 1.5kilo or less hand weights and 0.6 kilo or less for ankle weights. ( feel free to double up in weights on the second half of the class, for full Tone).
    Aim to work on this flow for at least 4 times during this week🦢

  • Tone 69 22/05/22

    3lbs hand weights
    1.5 lbs ankle weights and 3lbs ankle weights for the last half of the class

  • Tone 68 16/05/22

    3lbs hand weights or lower.
    1.5 ankle weights for the first part and 3 lbs ankle weights (optional) for the last section.
    You may practice this class with 3lbs ankle weights the entire class, once you feel confident with it. It's a great full body session: Working on our entire body,...

  • Tone 59 13/03/22

    1.5 lbs ankle weights ( optional always- work on form first if beginner)
    3lbs hand weights
    Yoga strap or small hand towel

  • Tone 51 17/01/22

    You will need 1.5 kilo hand weights and 2 times 0.5 kilo ankle weights ( optional and by the end of the class) or just 0.75 kilo total ( would be enough too) . This class works on a lot of hip opening movements. If your hip isn’t that flexible, make the range of opening smaller. Accommodate it to...

  • Tone 48 .27/12/21 ( please read description below)

    Equipment: 1 to 1.5 kilo hand weights ( up to you). Use 0.5 to 0.7 ankle weights ( I am using 0.75 kilo throughout this tone. Ankle weights are optional and you should only use the heavier ones when you have the strength needed and to do full reps with good form.
    You’ve got 7 days to work on this...

  • Tone 43 Super Bonus

    Equipment: 1.5 kilo hand weights and 4x 0.5 ankle weights. Optional yoga blocks.