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Watch this video and more on Swan by Carolina

Watch this video and more on Swan by Carolina

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  • Tone 68 16/05/22

    3lbs hand weights or lower.
    1.5 ankle weights for the first part and 3 lbs ankle weights (optional) for the last section.
    You may practice this class with 3lbs ankle weights the entire class, once you feel confident with it. It's a great full body session: Working on our entire body,...

  • Tone 59 13/03/22

    1.5 lbs ankle weights ( optional always- work on form first if beginner)
    3lbs hand weights
    Yoga strap or small hand towel

  • Tone 51 17/01/22

    You will need 1.5 kilo hand weights and 2 times 0.5 kilo ankle weights ( optional and by the end of the class) or just 0.75 kilo total ( would be enough too) . This class works on a lot of hip opening movements. If your hip isn’t that flexible, make the range of opening smaller. Accommodate it to...