Rebounder- Full Body Workouts Using a Rebounder

Rebounder- Full Body Workouts Using a Rebounder

Level up with a rebounder. These short but powerful workouts will work on your endurance with lots of cardio while toning all the body.

Rebounder- Full Body Workouts Using a Rebounder
  • Rebounder 30min Full Body Session (with cardio and sculpting intervals).

    Rebounding has many benefits, among them is activating your lymphatic system, helping it drain toxins. It's low impact cardio, friendly for our joints. This session has "high intensity" with low intervals, helping our heart pump and stay strong and healthy.
    Equipment: Trampoline and 3lb ankle ...

  • Combine it- Trampoline Cardio 26/09/22

    I am sorry the lighting is not very good.

    You will need a trampoline. No cueing. Try to follow along the best you can. You'll get it. Jump with your knees slightly bent and bum slightly out to protect ligaments and joints.


  • Rebounder Full Body 42min (Cardio and props)

    You will need a rebounder, small 1.5 lbs ankle weights and 3lbs ankle weights. A light resistance band too.
    No shoes or mat required. Enjoy this one! IT IS FIREEEE

  • Ballet Fusion 14 (with trampoline)

    You will need a trampoline or a chair. One kilo hand weights. You can modify and do the cardio on the floor if you have no trampoline.
    The mic turned off during the left leg, but i hope you can still hear my cues.
    Enjoy this one and combine it with the Tones anytime during the week.

  • Rebounder 2 Full Body Workout 30 minutes

    Full body toning sweat session in 30 minutes.

  • Rebounder 1 Full Body Workout

    I am adding the rebounder for some extra fun. If you don't have a rebounder, you can do the same moves I am doing on the floor. By the end of the class, I am planking on the rebounder, you can use a chair or a stool as a modification